It was time to use our expertise acquired since the creation of L'atelier chouchou in 2019, to improve our products and services.

This is why we decided to rethink everything and analyze all that we could bring as an improvement to this brand (without touching its strengths or its values).

Even if it required putting everything on stand-by for a few months, today we are proud to present the first results of our work in progress.


During our reflections we came across a dilemma, we wanted to increase the quality and have more advanced designs without abandoning the concept of upcycling, because for us the fact of offering an eco-responsible brand is very important. So there was no possible compromise.

A mixture of luck and research led us to the perfect solution for our next creations.

We now use end-of-line fabrics from haute couture houses!

In this way, even if it is more expensive, we have better quality fabrics, with more advanced designs without our hair accessories having to request new fabric production.


There are several ways to sew a scrunchie, and this will directly affect the final look of it. We found a better way to sew our creations and even if it takes longer to produce, we are satisfied with the result because the scrunchies are now more resistant.


As silly as it may sound, we were afraid that putting a label on our favorites would make them less aesthetic. But after a lot of research we finally managed to come up with a label design that embellishes the pieces we sew them on.


We still have a lot of surprises in store for you, but you will have understood that we take our time to offer you quality, subscribe to our mailing list and follow us on instagram to be aware of our progress! :)

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