L'atelier chouchou is made up of Salomé and Kaïs (a couple living in Lausanne),

Wishing to offer a quality product, beautiful and made in an intelligent way for the environment, we turned to hair accessories made of second-hand fabrics. We now only use upcycled fabrics from high fashion houses, which gives us the advantage of having the best fabrics for our production and avoiding waste.

We look for ways to push the beauty of this accessory to the max with carefully selected designs. In addition, each model that we release is limited, which gives the customer the advantage of having a rare accessory that was produced in small quantities.

In addition to the aesthetic side, we are also looking for it to fulfill the practical expectations that we have of a hair elastic, so we have made sure that the elastic is perfect for holding such thick hair. that ends.

The success of L'atelier chouchou in Switzerland has exceeded our expectations, which allows us to invest seriously in this brand and to frequently offer new models of scrunchies.

It is thanks above all to our community that we have been able to meet with such success and they encourage us every day to continue. This is why we will do our best to handle your needs and requests as well as possible.